Mack’s Intentions at Günzburg


Although his intentions are murky, Mack seems to have decided to cross the river at Günzburg with the bulk of his force and operate along the left bank, possibly in the intention of linking up with the Russians. In the ensuing action at Günzburg, the Austrians initially had the better of Ney's forces and controlled the crossing. Mack then decided to send his army across the highway bridge to the east of Günzburg. Field Marshal Gyulai was dispatched to rebuild the bridge, which had been partially destroyed, and the rest of the army would cross that night. The repairs were finished just as the French 59th Infantry Regiment arrived and by the end of the day they controlled the south end of the bridge.Meanwhile Ney's 2nd Division had been sent to seize the bridge a few miles upstream at Elchingen, so that by the end of the day French forces controlled nearly all the Danube bridges except those at Ulm. Having failed in his attempts to cross over to the left bank of the Danube, Mack now ordered his army back to Ulm. French forces continued pour over the river, some headed toward Ulm, others toward Augsburg. (Kagan, 402-10)

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Phase 3 - 10/7-10/20