Welcome to the Animated Map of Napoleon's 1805 Ulm to Austerlitz Campaign

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The 1805 German Campaign Map is an interactive map designed to illustrate the operational realities of warfare in the Napoleonic era. The map charts the movement of the larger French, Austrian, and Russian units on a daily basis and contains a wealth of images, documents and other information relating to the campaign.A central aim of the project is to provide a visual representation of the problems entailed in moving large forces across substantial distances in this period. These problems raise a number of questions:

  • How were such forces organized?
  • How did they travel?
  • How were they supplied?
  • How did they coordinate their movements?
  • And how did they maintain their organizational cohesion while on the move?

In addition, the project seeks to help users understand the connection between military operations and larger strategic objectives. The 1805 campaign was typical in that little that happened was actually planned in advance. When hostilities began in September, nobody could have predicted that the campaign would end with a final battle in December, let alone that this battle would be contested at a place called Austerlitz. How did commanders and their subordinates understand the situation they faced and how did they respond to it? The hope is that by allowing the viewer to watch the campaign unfold on a day-to-day basis, the maps will be able to give a sense of what things looked like to those with the power to make and implement decisions regarding the course of events but who naturally remained ignorant of where their decisions would lead.

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